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Set up leave approval

A leave approver is able to approve or reject leave application applied by employee. We do provide up to 2-level of leave approval. You can choose to enable first level only or first & second level of approval.

When employee request leave, it will be notified to the Approval in 3 channels :
MySyarikat web portal
Email notification
Mobile apps

Approval can take action via web portal or mobile app.

But first, you have to set up the following :

Step 1. select approval level
Step 2. Select the employee to assign as approval.
Step 3. Clik Update

Only employees with User Role BOD, HR, HOD/Manager & Finance will be listed in the approval list to select. [ link]
For more details on user roles, kindly refer here.

Please note that, if you are practicing 2-level of approval, the scenario will be as follows :
1. First level will receive notification through application or email for approved leave.
2. Second level will receive notification once the first level already approved the employee leave application.

Updated on: 02/11/2022

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