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User role in MySyarikat

In MySyarikat, we have 5 user roles that can be assigned for each user. Every user role has their own limitation of access.

Board of Director (BOD)
BOD will have access from Main Navigation to Yearly Form. But if the BOD has been accessed as a payment approval, BOD will get the access until the payroll section.

Manager / Head of Department (HOD)
The Manager / Head of Department will have access from the Main Navigation to Approval section.

Finance / Account
Finance / Account will have access from the Main Navigation to TimeSheet section.

Human Resources (HR)
HR will have full access to the system, which HR can access from Main Navigation until System Setting and Payment section. For the Payment section, HR will do the payroll for the company and submit the payslip to the employee.

User role Employees will have the access from the Dashboard until the Calendar only.

Updated on: 02/11/2022

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