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[Version 2.0] How To Download Overtime Report In The MySyarikat Website

This displays overtime claims reports made by staff in detail.

Note: In the Claim Approved section, the number of claims made by the staff will be displayed according to the maximum number of claims that can be made by the staff. This section will also display the amount of claims that have been made by the staff according to the maximum amount of claims that can be made by the staff
In the Overtime Details section, Overtime start time, Overtime end time, Overtime rate total, Overtime date and Overtime amount will be displayed. Staff and HR/Admin can download the claim slip. Only HR/Admin can make any changes to the claim and cancel the claim application

To download the Overtime Claim Report, HR/Admin can refer to the steps below:

Step 1: Click Approval
Step 2: Click Claim
Step 3: Click Overtime Claim

Step 4: Click Claim Report
Step 5: Fill in the desired information in the Date Period, Department, Employee & Overtime Status column
Step 6: Click Filter
Step 7: Click Download

Step 8: Click on Download as Excel or Download as PDF

Notes: This page displays overtime claim slips made by staff

Updated on: 24/02/2024

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