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[Version 2.0] How To Revert Staff Overtime Requests In The MySyarikat Website (Revert Overtime)

Additional Notes For HR/Admin/Overtime Approval

The Revert function is only available in version 2

The Revert function is to revert the status of the staff Overtime application from Approved, Rejected or Canceled to Pending

The Revert function can also be used if there is a change in the Overtime Approval name at System Setting > Claim > Overtime

If the Overtime application is Approved, Canceled or Rejected and changes are to be made to the Overtime application, HR/Admin/Overtime Approval can use this Revert function

Ways To Revert Staff Overtime Application

To revert staff overtime applications, HR/Admin/Overtime Approval can refer to the following steps:

Step 1: Click Approval
Step 2: Click Claim
Step 3: Click Overtime Claim

Step 4: Click Claim Report
Step 5: Enter the date, Department, staff name, type of leave & desired leave status
Step 6: Click Filter
Step 7: Click the eye icon on the desired Overtime application

Step 7: Click Revert
Step 8: Click Revert Now

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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