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[Version 2.0] Access Control in the MySyarikat system

The following is a description of the Access Control function in the MySyarikat system:

HR/Admin must turn on all the buttons below, even if the account is a regular staff member. This access allows the user to access the function, but the specified access is different for each user role.

a) Account Status

This button must be turned on. If it is turned off, the staff account will become inactive & the staff will not be able to access the MySyarikat web & app, even if the staff is in the List Of Employees

b) Access Claim Module

Access Claim given to user role employee (ordinary staff) only to apply Financial Claim & OT only

c) Access Leave Module

Access Leave Module given to user role Employee (ordinary staff) only to apply for leave

d) Access Payment Module

The Access Payment Module given to the user role Employee (ordinary staff) does not state that the staff is allowed access to the salary of other staff. It allows the staff to access any function involving payroll reserved for their user role. The Access Payment Module provided for the Employee user role is for taking payslips only.

While for HR you can follow and check the payslips of other staff

To turn on the 3 buttons in Access Control, HR/Admin can refer to the following steps:

Step 1: Click on Employees
Step 2: Click the eye icon on the desired staff

Step 3: Click Update
Step 4: Click Update

Step 5: Turn on the 3 buttons
Step 6: Click Save

Updated on: 10/12/2023

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